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“Some years ago, Caroline and David lived in the suburbs. In a nice detached house with a manicured garden and a double garage, living the dream some would say.”

One day they decided, or Dave was persuaded (nagged), that they should live in the country. Probably after watching escape to the country. He wanted two double garages (a man thing) and I wanted a few chickens. So Dave was dragged thousands of miles around the North of England and occasionally in to the borders of Scotland house hunting. As we all know, it can be a long fraught process. No partners were killed in this process but it came close on occasion. Eventually we came to view the place we now call home. Even the simple sale and purchase didn’t go smoothly due to our chain falling through but eventually the house was ours.

On moving day Dave was working offshore in Angola so I moved in alone with all our worldly goods. From the warm finished detached house living the dream to a new dream complete with moldy damp walls, leaking roof, rickety sheds, dangerous electrics, and plumbing that Queen Victoria would have desired.

Time progressed, Dave’s bank account died a slow death. After a year living in a static caravan on site (while Dave spent the majority of that time in a 5 star hotel while working in London), diggers in the kitchen, a new roof, walls, floors, wiring, plumbing, plaster and a few minor alterations we moved back in to the house. The outside was still like a bomb site but at least we had heating and cooking.

Gradually we bought some chickens did the garden, and embraced the small holding life. Then one day I saw some Alpacas advertised. A deal was struck, Fabia and Ayla, mother with cria at foot were delivered. As cute as cute can be. Shortly later we were then gifted an orphaned cria and a castrated male Armstrong, beginning the Alpaca adventure.

Fast forward through some sheep, a few pigs, and now 32 Alpacas, our first cria were born here in 2018.

There are 3 dogs, and 5 cats, and a few chickens floating about. And Dave finally has his tractor and "man shed". There are also 3 kids, a ginger one who will help for free, and two city kids who think sand shoes are suitable for farm life and a Grandson who already has the "farmer gait" .  

The renovations have began once more , this time the barns , two nice little holiday cottages. But we know it has all been worth it when holiday makers can have the pleasure of Armstrong looking through their window while they eat breakfast ! 

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